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Entry #2

Hozzey is a dick

2010-01-29 21:08:39 by Banana-Hammock

Any body who knows this fuck face user called Hozzey can you please just insult him constantly. All he/she does is post gay ass shit about pokemon. What a faggot eh. Please everybody just abuse him until he FUCKS OFF NEWGROUNDS. Either abuse him or try and just get him banned off newgrounds, undoubtdly the greatest website EVER. FUCK YOU HOZZEY, YOU CUNT SHAVING HANDICAP N****R.


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2010-03-02 01:23:30

sorry banana-hammock. I reckon we should make up and adopt a baby together. we will call him Anthony and he will grow up to become a docter. We will then grow old together and till when i am on my death bed and you propose to me as it is my dying wish. I then go into the internal resting place happy after you provide me with happiness with Anthony who now looks after us with his wife Cynthia and there children Mac and William and who could forget little Suzy with the little brown freckles. :3